On the River this morning, Andy and I were talking about those dumb things all of us do.... like the time I jumped into a minivan I thought was mine, only to find it looked like mine.  The guy pumping gas at the time was most put out...and my kids watching from my real van were wondering if I'd lost my mind.  Great stories from listeners, too....which moved our conversation to the annual Darwin Awards -- honoring the real dumb

among us.

Top Darwin Award goes to the disabled man who was so annoyed the elevator doors closed before he could get on, he continuously smashed his wheelchair into the closed doors.  To his dismay, the doors opened and his wheelchair fell into the empty elevator shaft -- the fall killed him.

Second place went to the couple who felt the urge to "hook up" while driving.   Rather than find a secluded parking lot they went at it in the fog-shrouded right lane of the freeway.   Their car was flattened by a passing semi truck.  Both qualify as Double Darwin winners.