A long time ago, someone told me that in order to gauge the progress of a city, just look for the cranes in the sky when you're driving in.  Well, if you look at Grand Rapids from 131 or 196, you'll see cranes dotting the skyline.  And down a little closer to the ground, you'll see even more activity around our downtown.  It's amazing how much energy this city has.

And I'm excited to see that Juice Blendz Cafe will be opening soon!  They're located at 15 Ionia SW, down the street from Grand Rapids Brewing Company, J. Gardella's and HopCat.

Right now, the target date is September 16th, but as you know sometimes there are unforseen problems that can push things back.

Here's a picture of their progress...

Once they're open ... Smoothies and Frozen Yogurt!

Click HERE for their Facebook page for super up-to-date information!