One West Michigan family was paid a visit by an expected guest on Thanksgiving...and the guest didn't even bring a dish to pass.

A deer broke into a home in West Michigan.  We have pictures and video.

Forget football.  The real excitement was in Georgetown Township on Thanksgiving.




WZZM has the details:

A Georgetown Township family has some repairs to do, after an un-welcome guest busted into their home. The deer walked around their living room, before crashing through a back window.

The homes are located near a wooded area with a lake in-between. Larissa Fordy was looking out the window. "We had a deer swimming across the lake in our back yard."

Home video shows the deer getting out of the lake and running into the neighborhood. Larissa says, "The deer was gone, we were like, where did it go?"

They got their answer inside a nearby home. "We could see glass was all broken and they're like, the deer's inside," says neighbor Taylor Contreras. Neighbors took pictures as the deer walked around the living room.

Fordy says, "We tried to open the slider to let it out, but didn't want it on the deck because it was slamming into windows trying to break it."

"Finally, it broke a window in back, jumped off the deck and swam across the lake. It was crazy."

The neighbors called the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department and boarded up the home.

As far as everyone knows, the deer survived. They saw it get out of lake and go into the woods.