Deer Spotted Swimming in Lake Michigan Near Chicago Harbor [VIDEO]
With the weather warming up, we're all looking for ways to keep cool-- even deer, apparently.
What I love about this video of a deer swimming in Lake Michigan is that's not some super-remote, wooded area like we picture deer hanging out in. This deer is taking a dip near Montrose Harbo…
Helpful Hunting Tips from the Michigan DNR
Tuesday, November 15th officially kicks off firearm season in Michigan and whether you're a seasoned hunter or going out for the first time, the Michigan DNR has some reminders for hunters.
The biggest one is you must wear Hunter Orange clothing and it has to be your outermost layer an…
An Amazing Car-Deer Collision Caught on Video [Video]
Have you ever hit a deer while driving on the road? I hope I never have that happen to me, or the deer for that matter. I think you do wonder what it would be like, however. Would it wreck your car, would you be injured, would the deer live? All questions I ask, anyway.
Well, here is some pretty amaz…

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