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The Newest Royal has no Name…..Yet (video)
Though England's future king has left the hospital, he still doesn't have a name.
We got our first glimpse of William and Kate's newborn son yesterday, on the steps of St. Mary's hospital in London. But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn't reveal his name. Wills told reporters gathered outside th…
David Hasselhoff has a new Commercial (video)
I'm sure you've been wondering.....what's become of David Hasselhoff?  Any more drunkin-rampageing going on?
Nope.  He's working hard, and now has a new commercial that's gone viral. This time no booze or cheeseburgers are involved. Instead, the former ‘Baywat…
A Grocery Store Opera – It Happend in England (video)
This was so cool, and a wonderful, happy, surprise, for grocery shoppers.
A routine day of shopping at John Lewis Foodhall from Waitrose turned into a grocery store opera when five singers performed a rousing rendition of the Italian classic Funiculì, Funiculà.
Police Officer Saves Man’s Life (video)
There are some heart-warming things happening in our world today.  They don't always get reported, however, so it is difficult to see sometimes with the Boston tragedy, flooding in West Michigan, etc.  News tends to focus on the bad stuff, but here is a wonderful video of a little inc…

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