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New Rules Ban Headers in Youth Soccer
U.S. Soccer has announced new rules which ban headers for players 10 and under. Players 11 to 13 will face restrictions on headers under the new rules, which are aimed to reduce concussions and will impact many in West Michigan.
Hilarious Version of the First Democratic Debate [Video]
There has only been  one Democratic debate in this political season. The Republicans have battled it out three times, helping Americans get a better picture of their candidates.
So, I thought it only fair that we re-visit the Democratic debate to get better acquainted with their candidates.
Selfie Obsessed, Self Centered Teens? Not These Two
There are some great people in this world, and this story is about two of them, Allie and Brayden.
For Allie, being a teenage girl is hard enough, but imagine being a teenage girl fighting brain cancer. That takes a level of strength and bravery most adults don't have. Now imagine being a teenage gir…
Little Girl Sings a Sweet Song for her Mom [Video]
If you're watching this video and start to feel your eyes pooling up with tears, it's not because there's someone chopping onions near you. It's because you're human and this sweet, adorable video is the most touching thing you'll see all day.
Here is a Great Idea for Your Holiday Gift Giving
It's not even Halloween, and I'm talking about Christmas shopping. I'm really not ready for that, but I did find something very special that you may want to consider.
If you have one of those "has everything" person in your family, in other words, what will I buy them for Christmas, or you …

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