Products The Facebook Generation Won’t Buy
Just the other day, one of our co-workers leaning on a phone book spawned a conversation about products that have gone by the wayside.  We talked about phone books, landlines, typewriters, tapes (VHS and audio cassette) and how even CD's seem somewhat archaic now.
I don't even use a ph…
What Are the Top 10 Products We Use the Most Coupons On?
Coupons are making a comeback, thanks to Americans trying to find ways to deal with the economic downturn. According to NCH Marketing Services’ 2012 coupon facts survey, we redeemed $4.6 billion worth last year, a 59 percent increase from five years ago.
But what do we use them for most?
Have an Off-Beat Thanksgiving Dinner with These 10 Food Items
While many Thanksgiving tables will be laden with turkey, stuffing and other more traditional fare, there’s no rule that says you have to blend in with the crowd. In fact, doing something a little different could make you the most popular chef in your social circle — so don’t be af…
In The Mood For A Halloween Party?
Are you planning a Halloween party? How about dressing for one of the many parties. Halloween is the second biggest adult party night of the year. New Years Even remains number one.
The majority of people don't intend to let the economy dampen their "spirits" for Halloween. Nearly two t…
Your Favorite Hot Dog? Where?
If you listen to WTRV FM, you are no doubt familiar with Value Connection. As I mentioned yesterday, V.C. is a great way to save money on things dogs. Being from the Detroit area, my favorite hot dog is the greek-style coney -- mustard, onions, chili...
Dancing With The Stars Surprises
‘Dancing With the Stars’ season 12 premiered last night, and while it lacked the headline power of Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin, there were plenty of memorable moments that will have everyone talking at the post-show watercooler. Take a look at the four that I thought stood out the mo…
Painting With WiFi and Other Amazing Videos of ‘Light Art’
Move over, Jackson Pollock. Artist Timo Arnall eschews the oil paints for light by creating visualizations of WiFi signals. Says Arnall on Vimeo:
This project explores the invisible terrain of WiFi networks in urban spaces by light painting signal strength in long-exposure photographs.
A four-metre lo…
30 Years After the Reagan Assassination Attempt
This month marks the 30th anniversary of the failed assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.
On March 30 1981, John Hinckley Jr. opened fire on Reagan's entourage in  Washington, D.C. and  injured the president and three others.
Pajama Jeans? I See The Commercials Butt….
When I first saw the commercial I thought "Yes, I want some of those!"  You know what I'm talking about.  Who hasn't seen those pajama jeans commercials?  They do look like an interesting concept.  Jeans that are sooo comfy that you want to l…

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