Halle Berry Will Not Play Aretha Franklin In Biopic
Halle Berry Will Not Play Aretha Franklin In Biopic
Would she had been the young or old Aretha???? Don't get me wrong Aretha is a very talented singer. I loved her in the movie The Blues Brothers but Halle is to beautiful to play Aretha Franklin of any age...
Latest “Celebrity Apprentice” Cast Announced
While the cast list for the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice wasn't the most guarded secret (they were spotted selling pizza in New York months ago) Donald Trump still took the time to show-off the "all-star" collective on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.
New iPhone App Lets You Dial With Your Nose
Can't dial through your woolen mittens? Leather gloves keeping you from texting? Pssht. NoseDial, a new iPhone app from German company Buhmann Marketing allows you to navigate the phone's touchscreen features with your nose instead of your hands.
10 hangover remedies: What works?
Well with the new year approaching  so is the time of going to parties, drinking and yes of course the day after. So what to do when your head is pounding, and you are, well lets just say it hungover
New DVD’s This Week
The American - A thriller starring George Clooney as an assassin. Critics and fans recommend it.
Resident Evil: Afterlife - The next installment of the horror video game inspired Box Office hit. Fans recommend it, critics don't.
City of Grand Rapids Mobile App
The City of Grand Rapids has a new app available for your Android mobile phone or iPhone.
It's designed to make it easy to report potholes, streetlight outages, damage to city property and other problems.
Jim Brickman — Exclusive Holiday Interview
Songwriter and pianist Jim Brickman has been known the last 16 years for writing pop-style hits and collaborating with a variety of artists ranging from Richie McDonald to Olivia Newton-John. For someone who loves Christmas music, it's no wonder he has chosen to embark on his 15th holiday conce…
50 Cent Just Might Be Moving To Grand Rapids
To know GR is to love GR.  How could anyone visit Grand Rapids without wanting to move to this beautiful city of ours! Fitty Cent might be doing just that... 50 Cent premiered his movie,  GUN, last night at Celebration Cinema North.  500 people filled the theatre for this Sold Out eve…

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