The Six-Year-Old Who Would Be President
Now that the election is over we can take some time off from all of the bickering that goes along with campaigning, right?
Not quite.  It never really stops.
4 years from now it will be time to change again and there's one six-year-old who is campaigning on a platform we can all agree with.
Should Election Day Be A National Holiday? [Poll]
In the majority of countries around the world, voting takes place on a weekend or election day is a national holiday.  This allows for the most people to reach the polls without their jobs interfering.  Some countries even have polls open for several days or weeks to make sure that everyone who wish…
Do You Watch Political Debates? [Poll]
We've had one Presidential debate, with more to come.  The Vice Presidential debate Thursday, October 11.
Polls often change following debates.  Mitt Romney showed gains after the first Presidential debate.  People are watching.  Are you one of them?
Do you watch politica…
Presidential Debate is Great Musical Video (video)
This video is a blast!
The first Presidential Debate for 2012 was held last week, as we all know.  Immediately, reporters and analysts were debating the outcome of the debate.  The discussion will likely go on until the next Presidential Debate.

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