This weekend is a BIG weekend.  Not only is it March Madness with MSU and UofM playing in the NCAA Basketball Tournament,  Saturday is St. Patrick's Day.  What a combination!

There are few holidays that create more excitement and craziness than St. Patrick’s Day. All over the country, people crowd the local pub in green clothes where they guzzle a ton of green beer, only to possibly lose it later on, if you get my drift, and wake up the next day in a green haze.

Since my wife is of Irish decent, we'll be celebrating for sure.  I haven't been told how, yet, but I'm sure my "party planner" wife has it all worked out.

Of course, there will be some that take it just a little bit too far.  You know, everybody suddenly becomes Irish and some just lose it.

But, how do you know?  How do you know if you've taken it a little too far?

That's what I'm here for.  Watch out for these trigger signals that you need to de-green yourself.

1. Instead of pouring milk over your kid’s morning bowl of cereal, you pour a Guinness.

2. You ask your cardiologist if drinking green food coloring will mess with your heart.

3. You think dying the Chicago river green  means you  must celebrate St. Patrick’s Day year round.

4. You purposely stop brushing to give your teeth the perfect shade of green.

5. You kidnapped Danny DeVito and held him in your basement for three days to get him to tell you where he keeps his pot of gold.

6. Your special St. Patrick’s Day cocktail recipe includes a bottle of green NyQuil.

7. You consider Lucky Charms a dinner course and you don’t live in a trailer.

8. You’ve got more green on you than Mitt Romney.

Now get out there and have fun!