All of us 'dog lovers' do a lot for our dogs.  They're part of the family.  We love them and give them gifts.  Okay, chewy bones, toys, stuff like that because we want them to be happy.  A happy dog is a happy owner, right.


This story possibly goes a little far.  I'm not kidding when I introduce you to Nicky, the Pomeranian who turns two-years-old (or 13 in dog years).  So, Nicky's owners decided he needed to celebrate becoming a man.....the Jewish way.  I'm talking about, of course, a “Bark Mitzvah.”

They're serious! This has recently become a craze among dog owners. Did he get a matzo bone?

Any thoughts on “Bark Mitzvahs” fly in the face of sacred tradition? Or are they all in good fun? Let me know what you think.