Time and time again we encounter a person on the street, usually a man, asking for help. He needs some spare change, a few bucks, whatever, and what do you say? Chances are you say "no I can't help you today," and you go on your way. Well, how about helping that man today?

Guiding Light, a beacon of love and help for those in need in our city, is calling for donations to support the needs of the men in their program, as well as homeless families in the area.

Yes, sad to say, there are many homeless families as well as the men we may meet. Their needs are simple and basic. They are always in need of back packs, office supplies, toiletries and seasonal clothing for men, women and children all year round.That's not a lot, but it has so much meaning for the people reached by your good deed.

So, what do you think, would you be willing to help? On your next shopping trip maybe you could add a few extra items to your shopping cart.

It's easy to get the items to Guiding Light. They can be delivered to the Guiding Light, located at 255 South Division Avenue in Grand Rapids, 49503.

If you need more information on how to donate please visit GuidingLightWorks.org or call 616-451-0236.

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