This Winter weather has been the strangest, wackiest, most unusual weather we have seen in many years.  Oh, I know it's happened before.  But, this season, lighter snow fall totals, warm ups, cool downs, and wild storms have left our heads spinning.

Several of those wild storms have spawned several early-season tornadoes, and non more powerful than over the weekend, wreaking havoc in our mid-west of the US, killing 39 people in five states. Storms of this force and magnitude can strike in an instant, and typically the only thing you can do if you find yourself in the deadly storm’s crosshairs is hope you are able to get to a storm cellar.

However, one woman in the West Liberty, Kentucky area decided to take on a tornado head on with prayer. Judging from the video, some people think her technique may have worked.

That is some pretty intense stuff!  What do you think?  Did prayer actually spare her home?


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