Emily Kennerk's "Whisper" at 250 Monroe is one of the loudest entries at ArtPrize Seven, but only if you whisper.

Yell into a microphone at Kennerk's entry and nothing happens. Whisper into the microphone and it will shake an 80-foot-long table causing the tableware to crash to the ground.

Watch "Whisper" in action and hear Kennerk discuss the meaning behind it.

Kennerk says she has worked with sound before, but never in this way where sound is used more as a tool rather than being the art itself. Kennerk explains that the piece is about "understanding the power of even a small voice".

Kennerk's entry is one of three to earn its way into ArtPrize Seven through ArtPrize Pitch Nights. Pitch Nights allow artists in other cities to compete to earn $5,000 and a place to display their work at ArtPrize.

"Whisper" was the Pitch Night winner in Indianapolis. The entry shares the same venue and floor with Minneapolis Pitch Night winner, Borja + Toscani's "Constructing on Deconstructing".

The Durham Pitch Night winner is Heather Gordon's "Resting Place" at Lyon Square.

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