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Halloween is a lot of fun.  But it's also expensive.

The house needs decorations, the kids need costumes, throw in a visit to a pumpkin patch and Halloween gets scary expensive.

One way to save is on the costumes.  Making or borrowing, instead of buying new, can save money.

Where are your kids getting their Halloween costumes from?

Coupons and online stores can help keep costs down.  So can Halloween costume swaps.

Considering all of the time and money that goes into Halloween, trick-or-treating more than once makes a lot of sense.

We're hosting Boo Bash at the YMCA downtown on Saturday.  There will be free treats, crafts, bounce houses, and a lot more.  I can't wait to go with the kids!

We'll be there in this year's costumes...one new, one borrowed, and one created from dress-up clothes we already had.