What are you doing for New Years Eve in Grand Rapids? Most Grand Rapidians I spoke to on the phones said they were going over to a friend's house who was having a party.  Another said she and her daughter were spending it at the in-laws.   And another still said they got stuck working.   Lots of downtown restaurants and bars are having celebrations, then then there's the ball drop downtown, and of course you could spend the evening with Dick Clark, Ryan Seacrest or even MTV.  Maybe watch all the balls drop in the comfort of your own living room, dry, warm and cozy.  But what are the top cities around the world to bring in the New Year?  Some are more fun than others.  Enjoy the celebrations, stay safe and we'll talk again in 2011!  Cheers!!!  FYI...Snookie Will Not be riding the clear ball for New Years Eve like MTV had originally promoted.  The city put the kaboosh on it last minute.  Didn't want it to take away from the Traditional New Years Eve In Times Square", most likely.  Oh Well.  I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her in 2011...like it or not.