As the official end of summer nears, that means that soon Oberon will be gone for the season. What will you turn to when there is no more Oberon?

First, don't panic quite yet. Oberon is still available while supplies last, but no new Oberon will be shipped until next year. Oberon is scheduled to be available again in March of 2022. If you want to make a road trip to either Florida or Arizona, you can get Oberon year-round in those two states.

Once the 2021 Oberon supply is gone, Bell's Brewery has a new option for you. It's a new beer called Rind Over Matter. It is their latest Wheat Series beer. The American wheat ale is brewed with real orange and lemon zest and comes in at 5% ABV. This new beer will be available through October in bottles, cans, and on draft at all of Bell’s distribution sites.

The Bell's Brewery website describes the new beer this way: "The first thing you are going to notice is this beautiful light color followed by very expressive notes of lemon and orange. People are going to love this, especially those looking for an alternative while Oberon is away for the winter,” said Andy Farrell, Brewing Innovation Manager.

There is also another option. You could try Uberon, an 11.3% ABV bourbon barrel-aged version of Oberon. It is available in stores and at Bell’s General Store and Eccentric Café.

The options don't stop there. Coming in November, Bell’s will offer a Belgian-inspired wheat, Bright White and in mid to late December, a brand-new low-calorie option will follow in this series.

Keep up to date will all the new beers on the Bells Brewery Facebook page.

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