ArtPrize is fun to visit, but for business owners it is much more.  It's a chance to earn business and find some new loyal customers.

What new favorite stores or restaurants have you discovered while visiting ArtPrize?

The economic impact of ArtPrize is well documented.  ArtPrize 2011 brought over 322,000 visitors, created over 200 jobs, and added $15.4 million to the Kent County/Grand Rapids economy.  If you're REALLY into economics, you can read the full report here.


I've spent a lot of time walking around ArtPrize this year.  I've been in and out of many stores, bars, and restaurants.  Many for the first time ever.  I've discovered some new favorites:

  • I was aware of Schuler Books' downtown location, but was pleasantly surprised to see that Schuler Books serves beer at their downtown location.  They serve wine too.  I had no idea.  I will be back.
  • My favorite surprise was walking into Corazon Mexican Restaurant at 122 South Division.  I had never been there or even heard of it.  Corazon opened last year.  My wife and I only stopped because it was an ArtPrize venue.  We weren't hungry at the time, but noted their kids' menu and made plans to return.  We stopped to eat with the whole family the next time we visited ArtPrize.  I went with the "Chef's Choice".  That's 3 tacos, done however the chef chooses, for $6.50.  It was very good.  But the real test was the kids.  They liked their food too!

ArtPrize is a great excuse to discover and support downtown businesses!

What new favorite stores or restaurants have you discovered while visiting ArtPrize?