"What, in your opinion, is the best kept secret about Grand Rapids? It can be a shop or food item, a view or park. What is that thing that makes you fall in love with GR that most people seem to not know of?"

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That was the question posed by utgjames on Grand Rapids Redditt.

The answers are just as random as you'd expect. Here are some of the best replies:

ancillarycheese answered with

"Airport park. Great place in the summer especially."

Matt Milhouse, TSM
Matt Milhouse, TSM

pirten went with ice cream and offered

"Too Tall’s soft serve stand near Coit and 3 mile is amazing and the line is usually way shorter than Frosty Boy."

drock-79 gave a list of best kept secrets in Grand Rapids.

  • The paved multi-use trail behind the Johnson Park pavilion.

  • Blanford Nature trails

  • Westside Social, down to earth food and a deep beer menu

  • Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm

  • Monroe Center


SvenAQ replied with a restaurant saying,

"Sabor Latino for lunch. It's near hall and Grandville Ave. They sell fantastic empanadas and their passion fruit smoothies are the bomb. Also they sometimes sell relleno de papa (fried potato ball with seasoned meat in the middle) at lunch and that is amazing as well. If you go there, get the salsa to put on the empanadas."

Connect-Macaron 9450 also added a restaurant,

"I love the Heritage Restaurant at GRCC. It's run by culinary students and the food is amazing!"


kykam supplied a list,

"Mr Burgers chocolate cream pies, Long Road distillery Gin, Kent trail for a nice bike ride, Jersey junction for ice cream. Gas light village is just cozy all around and great for first dates, Bars on the west side. Monarch club, blue dog, and holiday bar. All right next to each other, Blandford nature center."


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