What does a 10-0 record get you in the College Football Playoff rankings?

Not much if you're Western Michigan University.

WMU is one of two undefeated teams in the country. The other is Alabama which is sitting pretty at #1. Western Michigan is stuck at #21 in the CFP rankings.

WMU Coach P.J. Fleck and his Broncos have received a lot of national attention. Fleck is one of 23 finalists for Coach of the Year, ESPN's College Gameday will visit Kalamazoo this weekend and Fleck was a featured guest on multiple ESPN shows earlier this year.

All of that attention is nice, but no matter how hard Western Michigan rows the boat the CFP committee is determined to sink it. The committee is more interested in delivering a message than it is in sensible rankings. That message is loud and clear: no MAC team will EVER have a chance to enter the college football playoff.

Should WMU be in the Top 4? No.

Do the Broncos deserve a spot in the Top 20 or maybe the Top 15? Absolutely.

Ranking an undefeated WMU football team behind ANY three-loss team is a stretch, but the CFP committee has ranked WMU behind a total of five three-loss teams.

This week's AP Top 25 ranks WMU #14 and ahead of every three-loss team in the country. The AP Top 25 has the Broncos behind undefeated Alabama, six one-teams and six two-loss teams.

Ranking WMU #21 wasn't enough for the CFP committee. They sent a second message when they bumped one-loss Boise State up two spots to #20 and ahead of WMU.

The highest-ranked conference champion from a "Group of Five" school is guaranteed a spot in the Cotton Bowl. Boise State is now in position to take that spot from WMU. That means even an undefeated, conference-champion Western Michigan team could miss the Cotton Bowl.

The AP Top 25 ranks Boise State #22 and WMU #14.

All Western Michigan can do is keep rowing the boat, even if it is upstream.

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