Monday night on 'The Voice', two of the contestants on Team Kelly went head to head singing Celine Dion. One of them we really care about, because he’s originally from West Michigan, and we’re hoping that if he or Skylar, the other West Mi native, wins, they’ll come to do a concert here for us.

So Monday, Ryan Gallagher, who’s from Ada, went head to head with teammate Marisa Corvo. They sang a duet of Celine Dion’s ‘I Surrender’ and after it was over the judges all thought that Marisa owned the stage, which I gotta be honest, and not just because he’s from our area, but thought that Ryan really owned it.  John Legend and Blake Shelton both thought that Marisa owned the song. Gwen Stefani loved Ryan's performance, but also loved Marisa and claimed it was HER moment.

Kelly then said that both Marisa and Ryan were intimidated by the song and that they both came out and killed it, so after a few minutes of stalling, she named Marisa the winner of the battle. She even called it the worst battle she’s had to judge, because of how great they both are as singers.

BUT WAIT, it wasn’t over yet.

Right as Marisa was enjoying her win, and Carson Daly was just about to send Ryan packing, all of a sudden Kelly went all-in on her one save of the season and kept Ryan in the contest, at the VERY LAST MINUTE!

As Kelly said at the end of the segment, she thinks Ryan is “so gifted” and his voice is “SO moving” - so he survives to sing another day and possibly win the entire competition.

This is exciting for us because like I said at the beginning, he’s one of two West Michigan natives - oddly both from Ada - on Team Kelly this season of NBC’s ‘The Voice’. Skylar Mayton is the other West MI local in the singing competition.

Enjoy the song and drama below.



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