Temperatures are expected to get over 100 degrees today.  It doesn't get much hotter.  Heat like this is more than just uncomfortable, it can be unsafe.

Check out our guide to stay cool and safe as we try to get through a West Michigan heatwave we may never forget.






  • Remember when the mid-80s seemed warm?  Now we'll all be wearing long sleeves when that time returns.  Our high temperatures are expected to drop about 20 degrees over the next couple of days.  Check out the WZZM 13 forecast for details.


  • Reports have been showing that the beach on Lake Michigan has been enjoying temperatures of 10 - 15 degrees cooler than just a mile or two inland.  If the beach isn't an option Grand Rapids city pools, movie theaters, malls, and anywhere with air conditioning is good.
  • Check out this list of places to stay cool for under $5.  Plus, if it hits 100 today, the West Michigan Whitecaps will offer tickets to tonight's game for just $1.



Looks like things will start slowly getting back to normal over the next couple of days, until then, let's do everything we can to get through this heatwave as comfortably as possible.

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