Going through my own weight loss program three years ago I can tell you being stubborn can be a great advantage when it comes to losing weight!

When I was in Israel, during Hanukkah last month, oily, sugary treats were everywhere I went.  Ofer MizraChi, who I was visiting said to me, "I like that about you.  You set your mind to something and you do it!  Even though all of those people were trying to convince you to buy and eat all of those treats you still said no. I like that."  That's the place where stubborn can be used for good.

On this season's Biggest Loser, Rockford mom, Conda Brit has been described as "stubborn."

You have to learn to be able to say no to people who insist that you eat enormous amounts of food with them.  You have to be able to say no, to family and friends who are accustomed to trying to convince you that it's alright to eat that big piece of cake or second slice of pizza.  Believe me if you are going to succeed in any weight loss program you better have some stubbornness in you!

It doesn't hurt to know that $250,000 is on the line either.  That's what Biggest Loser the television program is all about.  It's about changing your life, changing your eating and changing YOU!

If Conda can somehow redirect her stubbornness in the direction that will help her, she will be unstoppable!


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