Remember the chess set made out of ice at Rosa Parks Circle in January.  Ice Sculptures Ltd. of Grand Rapids created the spectacular pieces for their Food Network Show Ice Brigade. The premiere of the seven episode series is tonight on the Food Network at 10.  The six professional sculptors from the Ice Sculptures Ltd. will be a premier party at GP Sports inside the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.  The party kicks off at 9.

During the series we'll get to see  an all-ice mechanical bull, pinball machines, miniature golf course, grand piano, bowling lanes, an office desk complete with ice computer, a casino game room and the oversized chess board played on Rosa Parks Circle.

Unlike other ice sculptors who concentrate on static table tops for weddings, these folks are in it for the art.

“We stand out. I think we have a different outlook than people in larger cities. We’re in it for the art. We’re in it not to make a fortune, but to enjoy what we do,” Ice Sculptures Ltd. Owner Randy Finch said. “We’re in it to create fun things — to make pinball machines, to make a putt-putt golf course out of ice.”

“It’s not like at a stuffy buffet at a wedding,” he said. “We’re talking like a carousel that people are riding, or people riding a mechanical bull. We encourage people to touch it, feel it, experience it. That’s what art should be.”