This has been a pretty awesome weekend for Bo Valarde-Chan, a 10 year old boy from Kalamazoo.

You see, Bo suffers from Microvillus Inclusion Disease which is an extremely rare and life threatening.  Because of his disease, he receives all his nutrition and hydration pumped directly into his heart as his intestines do not function properly.

"When Bo was born, the doctors told us that he wouldn't live past his first year of life," said Kinn Chan de Verlarde, Bo's mother. "But he's made it ten years."


Make-A-Wish Michigan heard about Bo’s illness and wanted to grant him a “Wish”, so they sent his family on a Disney Cruise.  The family flew out of Grand Rapids Friday, and Make-A-Wish Michigan made sure the trip started off in style and in grand nature by driving them to the airport in a limousine.

Once at the airport, they were greeted by about 30 students from Grand Valley State University, who cheered Bo on with signs and high-fives.

As the family made it to their gate for their flight to Orlando,  it was announced that the Star Transporter had just landed. Then Members of the Great Lakes Garrison came off the jet bridge dressed as characters from ‘Star Wars’ movies, greeting Bo and his family with more high-fives (and maybe a tear or two from anyone watching.)  He even got to have a light saber battle before getting on his flight!

That alone is all pretty awesome, that is until you find out a Jedi Master has heard about your story and responds.


All my best wishes to Bo Verlarde-Chan- The Force Is With YOU Bo, & Will Be Always! (Is that "Star Warsy" enough for ya?) Your Pal, mh

What an awesome “Wish” From Michigan Make-A-Wish with help of plenty of others!  Hopefully Bo’s Disney Cruise will have more ‘Star Wars’ characters he can hang out with.

source: WZZM13

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