Next Wednesday is an important day for school districts across the state of Michigan, as it's the second "Count Day" of the school year. Yes, there already was a "Count Day" this school year, but once in the fall and once in the spring state officials conduct the official student count for each district and that number helps determine the amount of state funding each school and district will receive.

It's so important that GRPS has sent out a reminder for all students to even though attendance is important and counts each day, Wednesday's "Count Day" along with the one that happened the first Wednesday of October is really important to make sure the school's budget is set for all students who are enrolled.  Missing that day and not being counted when you're a full-time student only helps to create a budget gap when looking at making sure all students moving along in the curriculum together.

As the email reminder from GRPS states,

It is important that all students log in to all their classes on Seesaw, Google Classroom or Schoology on February 10 for their attendance to be recorded. If a child is sick or unable to attend, parents and guardians are reminded to call the school’s main office and report an excused absence.

Just for the record, Wednesday, February 10, is important for all public schools across the state, so just because I'm referencing the GRPS email, each school is hoping to get the word out to all their students, "please be in attendance this upcoming Wednesday and be counted."

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