How have you spent your time in quarantine? Because this guy was either really bored or really ambitious... maybe a little of both.

Jeff Martoia of Livonia, is a furloughed flight attendant who has been obsessed with airplanes and flying since he was a kid, and he told FOX 2 Detroit what was supposed to be a simple paint job in his basement turned into a full out airport terminal. What started as one thing turned into more and more. And if you ask me, it looks better than the real thing.

Throughout the years, Jeff has collected airport items that have been sitting in storage; but now all have a place in his basement. From actual airplane seats, gate seats and signs, a beverage cart the flight attendant pushes down the aisle, luggage, an airport bar, and a ticket counter... it's all there. In his interview with Fox 2, he says that each item has a story behind it.

I'm usually not a fan of the entire process of traveling when you're at the airport but I wouldn't mind waiting in this terminal. Especially when there's a free bar to ease my stresses LOL.

It's no surprise this man turned his obsession into a career. Up until COVID-19, Jeff Martoia has been working as a flight attendant for the last 30 years. Are you even slightly surprised his wife is also a flight attendant?

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