When the rest of the world is still slumbering or just rising to rub the sleep out of their eyes, I am already on my way into work. It's early and therefore still dark outside.  However, the darkness hasn't stopped me from noticing strange things found on Ottawa Avenue in Grand Rapids.

Just this morning as I turned from Pearl Street onto Ottawa, I did a double take. There was a man riding a bicycle. He had a headlight on his bike and his head. He was wearing gym shoes. What he wasn't wearing...CLOTHES! Yep, he was taking an early morning ride sans an appropriate wardrobe. Maybe he didn't like the restraint of clothes. Maybe he wanted to feeeeeeel the wind. Maybe he enjoys showing off his "skills". Whatever his reason, I noticed.

Some more curious things that have been viewed early in the morning on Ottawa Avenue include teenagers riding scooters, a lady singing at the top of her lungs, knit scarves scattered around, a guy in a helmet walking with a metal pole, a homeless fella, discarded masks and the occasional dead animal.


What you will definitely notice right now are the orange construction cones. Downtown Grand Rapids says the construction work on Ottawa Avenue includes the resurfacing and enhancement of the street with new streetscaping, bike parking, landscaping and streetlights.

According to Fox 17, the project will also upgrade sidewalks and ramps to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Some curb locations will also be altered to widen the sidewalk and shorten pedestrian crossings. Officials expect the project to be finished by September.



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