There is a post that was just made on the Muskegon Informed Facebook page clearing the air about a potentially scary situation that had a lot of people wondering what had happened at a local UPS store on Holton Rd in Muskegon. which is located across the street from Meijer. There was a heavy police and bomb squad presence and people were worried something terrible had happened. It turns out people floundered their time over something that ended up turning into a funny mistake. The anonymous poster explained how the UPS store couldn't fathom her husband's package:

This morning my husband went to the UPS Store to send a package to his friend out of state. It was a homemade box for a fish finder used for ice fishing. He’s in there at least once a month so we didn’t think much of it. Fast forward to two hours later, he gets a call from the police telling him to come to the store and explain what it, because the employees called it in as a bomb. He drove over there immediately. The surrounding businesses were evacuated and the parking lot was cleared out. He drove up, explained and showed them what it was. The cops laughed about the misunderstanding and asked UPS to send it out. That’s all that happened.
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There were a lot of rumors going around that there was a shooter or that someone left an empty box outside of the store. Those allegations turned out to be a bunch of abalone. It was just a huge miscommunication and the OP and her husband felt awful that the news was worrying others in the community. They were in no way steamed at the UPS employees as the package left outside a-piered to be odd. That is to say, they have no ANCHOR towards them. What could have been a REEL bad situation ended up being a fluke. It's not like they mistook the package on porpoise.

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