The nation's mail today runs smoothly via the ZIP Code system invented and implemented years ago. The system is logically laid out with ZIP codes starting with 0 in the northeast (and Caribbean territories) to ZIP codes that begin with 9 on the West Coast, Alaska and Pacific islands.

Every ZIP Code in Michigan begins with either 48 or 49. It's 48xxx in the Eastern Lower Peninsula and 49xxx in the Western Lower Peninsula and entire Upper Peninsula.

The lowest ZIP Code number in Michigan is 48001 in Algonac in southern St Clair County between Port Huron and Detroit.

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The highest ZIP Code number in Michigan is 49971 in the western Upper Peninsula community of White Pine in Ontonagon County.

The state is also home to many ZIP Codes that are known as 'Uniques' meaning they don't just serve a community but rather a business or institution which has its own ZIP Code. Here are some across the state:

Likely the best known is the Floating Post Office in Detroit, ZIP Code 48222. The mail boat serves marine traffic in the Detroit River.

Other Detroit ZIP Codes are reserved for mail going to the city's largest and best known companies between 48255 and 48288 for Comerica Bank, General Motors and DTE.

In Warren, a US Army facility, the Detroit Arsenal and Tank Automotive Command have ZIP Code 48397. Another military installations in the state with their own ZIP Codes is Camp Grayling's 49739.

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General Motors in Flint has a string of ZIP Codes from 48850 to 48857. In Midland, Dow Chemical claims 4 ZIP Codes all to themselves between 48663 and 48686. An insurance business based in Frankenmuth gets the unique ZIP Code of 48787.

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Some, but not all, Michigan universities, have unique ZIP Codes: 48710 in University Center, Michigan serving Saginaw Valley. In Mount Pleasant, the city's ZIP is 48858 while all the mail for Central Michigan University goes to ZIP 48859. Likewise in Berrien Springs where the town's mail goes to 49103 and mail for nearby Andrews University is 49104

Lansing, no surprisingly, has many ZIP Codes reserved for state government business. Aside from likely obvious ones for tax returns or for the Secretary of State for drivers license and vehicle registrations, there are quirky ones like 48916 for the Michigan Lottery's 'Lucky Loser' tickets.

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Perhaps unique to newspapers in the state, the Lansing State Journal has 48919 all to itself.

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For industry in West Michigan, Wolverine World Wide in Rockford gets 49351, Amway in Ada gets 3 of them, 48355, 48356 and 48357. Gerber, the baby food maker in Fremont is 49413.

Religious-affiliated organizations have 3 unique Grand Rapids ZIP Codes.  Bible and Christian literature publisher Zondervan claims ZIP 49530. Radio Bible Class is 49555 and the Christian Reformed Church is 49560.

There are three unique ZIP Codes in the Upper Peninsula and each serves a prison in Kincheloe, 49784-49785-49786 for the Chippewa and Hiawatha Correctional Faculties.

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