In response to the growing demand for interdisciplinary art shows and events, and the need for a flexible space, the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA) announced the creation of their new Art Commons, opening in early 2014.

The Art Commons will be a magnet for a wide variety of artists, designers and creators, and will also function as a dynamic exhibition, event, art conservation, and preparatory space. UICA will locate the Art Commons in the space currently housing the Urban Clay Studio. This is the largest and most public studio and exhibition site in the building. It is located in a sunken two-story room on the ground floor, with gallery windows that allow passersby to view installations and watch artists as they hone their craft. The Urban Clay Studio will remain open until December 31, 2013.

The new Art Commons space will host expanded adult classes, artist workshops and critiques, as well as provide a meeting place for local groups such as DAAC, Heartside Business Association, and Avenue for the Arts. No UICA personnel will be affected by this change, and the members of the Urban Clay Studio will be allowed to complete their memberships.

In addition to the collaborative working and event space, the Art Commons will include a gallery area featuring large-scale hanging artwork, projections, and other work that requires a non-traditional environment. The large windows on the street level will showcase the art for the entire downtown area. For more information about the Art Commons or to rent the space for meetings, workshops, or small events, please contact the UICA or visit

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