Test drives by Santa?  Or something else?

There have been multiple reports of UFOs in Michigan.

The reports have been coming from the east side of Michigan near Flint, Grand Blanc and Flushing.

The police even responded to a call in at least one case.

Any chance that there is any truth to these reports?  You be the judge.

Mlive.com reports:

Just weeks after a man told police he spotted an unidentified flying object above the Rave theaters in Flint Township, three more sightings -- one each in the Flint, Flushing and Grand Blanc areas -- have been made to the Mutual UFO Network.
This month alone, 13 online reports from the county have been made to MUFON, ranging from randomly flashing, multi-colored lights to to a large, glowing object to a bright orange light hovering above tree tops.

It all started about a month ago.  How's this for a headline...


How the tabloids haven't picked this up yet is beyond me.

Mlive.com has the details from Denzel Washington, the non-actor:

Washington, 19, told police -- and MUFON -- that he saw something as long as five cars and as wide as two vehicles, hovering in the sky near the Rave (movie) complex at about 10:20 p.m. Sunday (November 11).

Washington had just picked his brother up from work and was driving on Graham Road when he saw the black craft, which disappeared before a photo was taken.

Washington told a police dispatcher that he first saw bright lights while driving down Graham Road before coming closer and seeing the UFO, including what he has described as a bluish-white exhaust.

What do you think?  Any chance there is something to this?  Or nothing to "phone home" about?

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