Tulip Time will return after being cancelled last year. Due to directives from the CDC some changed are being put in place.

Some Tulip Time events have been canceled, however, according to the press release to Fox 17, these events are still happening:

  • The Tulip Time run, which will take place virtually
  • Dockside tours of the “Friends Good Will” ship
  • The annual quilt raffle, which will take place April 15 to May 9
  • Yoga in the Tulips
  • The Artisan Market, which will be held virtually

Downtown walking tours and a scavenger hunt will take place. Potted tulips will be available for purchase soon.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

It may have been cancelled this year, however, organizers for Tulip Time are planning ahead for 2021. Millions of Tulips have been planted and are waiting to pop up this Spring. Tulip Time is scheduled for May 1 through May 9, 2021 with some significant changes. The Tulip Time web-site says,

"Planning during this ever-changing landscape is challenging, but we are optimistic. The festival, however, will have to undergo some significant changes."

Photo by Alessandro Segala on Unsplash

The Artisan Market, the Tulip Time Run, the Dutch Marketplaats, including the NEW Dutch Dance Costume Exhibit and a new Tulip Immersion Garden are in in the works. Organizers are planning to widen the festival footprint beyond downtown Holland. They are also offering timed ticket events to allow guests to spread out and maintain social distancing. If Tulip Time can safely host the parade, it will occur on Saturday, May 8 sans grandstand seating. Planners are hopeful that other favorites like the Dutch Dance and the carnival will happen.

Photo by Ad Muller on Unsplash

After the 2020 Tulip Time festival was cancelled, organizers said they would need to raise $1 million in donations to keep the event alive. Currently, they are at 98%.

Info about 2021 tickets have not been released but you can check in here.

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