It's a sad, somber time in downtown Grand Rapids as someone lies dead on a sidewalk.

A man fell, or possibly committed suicide by jumping, from the Ottawa/Fulton Parking ramp early this morning, sometime we believe between 7 and 7:30 a.m.

Paramedics, and Grand Rapids Police worked on the man for quite awhile to no avail.

The owner of Elliot's News & Tobacco heard a loud noise at about 7:20am this morning.  He had this to say, "I heard a muffled thud and looked around to see what had fallen.  After I realized what it was I called 911."

That is all of the information we have currently.  The investigation will continue.

It makes you realize how precious life is.  Was this persons life so painful that they felt they had nothing left but to end it all?  What about his family, assuming they were close?  What about his friends?

So sad.

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