Our news partner, WZZM TV13, just revealed an amazing, heart-warming story of a brother and sister, meeting for the first time while living in a senior retirement community in Rockford.

The story is that these two seniors discovered they were long-lost siblings when they both moved into the same community in Rockford. Amazing! What are the odds!

Even more amazing is that Phillip Osborn and Marilyn Meyers live kitty corner to each other in the Oaks of Rockford. You're right again...what are the odds. Turns out they are half-brother and sister.

"I knew I was adopted," Meyers said. "My mother's birth name was Osborn. I've been thinking about the answers to [that] question for 50 years."

Marilyn moved into the Oaks three years ago, and Phillip came in August. At a community coffee event, Marilyn met Phillip's wife, Mary Lou. Somehow, she pieced together their relationship through conversations with Mary Lou. She walked over to Phillip, tapped him on the shoulder and blurted out, "I'm your sister."  You can guess Phillips reaction. Whaaaaaaat? Phillip said,  "I was flabbergasted. I was never told [about Marilyn]. I guess it was a deep, dark secret in my family."

Osborn and Meyers are making up lost time and introducing each other to their families. They play golf together and have breakfast every Friday with their spouses.

They say it's divine intervention that they met after all these years.

"I guess if I hadn't been so nosy that day and asked [Mary Lou] all those questions, I wouldn't have found out," Meyers said. "It was meant to be."

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