Police in Woodhaven are looking for five individuals responsible for using chocolate syrup in the commission of a crime.

Why the quintet decided to open a container of Hershey's Syrup and proceed to anoint everything in their sight with syrup is puzzling cops in Woodhaven.

The incident took place last Friday just before 10:00pm when the men walked into the Target store on Allen Road in Woodhaven and let loose with the syrup.

The five were captured on video surveillance getting into a red Jeep Cherokee shortly after the incident. The store estimates about $1000 in inventory was destroyed, making the crime a potential felony.

It remains to be answered why. Seriously, WHY?

Why would you waste all that syrup by pouring it on stuff? I have some vanilla ice cream just dying for some chocolate syrup.

The following are brief descriptions of each suspect provided by a Target employees:

● White male, Hurley sweatshirt, black shorts, white shoes

● White male, red shirt, blonde hair, dark pants

● White male grey/black knit at, grey Nike T-shirt, black pants

● Black male, heavyset, grey shirt, grey jacket, black pants, black shoes

● White male, grey sweatshirt, dark grey sweatpants, white shoes, black and white knit hat

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