Writing this, I have to be honest ... I believe holiday season generally brings out the worst in people.  Everyone is rude, impatient, stressed out, broke and tired.  They're spending money they don't have, to buy presents for someone they probably don't like, who likely won't appreciate the gift...and they're going into debt to do it.  Yes, a little cynical, but not far from the truth.  Not exactly the real meaning of the season.

But, sometimes, this time of year brings out the generosity of people. Take for example, the "Layaway Santa" in Hastings. This person paid off 43 layaway accounts in the store to the tune of about $7,800 and gave another $2,200 to a local charity.

Very nice.  (And now I wish I had put items on layaway at the Hastings Walmart!)

Our news/weather partner WZZM13 has the full story:

An anonymous person wrote a $10,000 check to pay off all 43 layaway accounts at the Walmart Supercenter in Hastings.

About $7,800 went towards merchandise, while the other $2,200 will go to a Barry County charity.

The "Layaway Santa" movement began last year when someone began paying off customers' accounts at the Kmart in Plainfield Township.  Soon other Santa's began playing off strangers' accounts at other stores in West Michigan and the rest of the country.