As more business open up, we're getting some familiar favorites in the food world too, even if it's not dine-in yet, more options are always a nice change.

That's why I'm really excited that The B.O.B. has announced they're starting a take-out menu every Tuesday through Saturday, and I'm excited because they're also offering a cool perk to picking up your food order yourself.

Chef Alan gave me a sneak peek of the menu which will be offered for curbside pick-up, GrubHub delivery, or through a cool "Disco Drive-Thru" that comes with a DJ and quick complimentary car wash. I really want to take advantage of this, A) because it's such s a cool, different idea and B) I park under a tree, and the birds have been busy, so a clean car with dinner would be nice (and needed).

When I glanced over the menu, I saw a lot of favorites from the different restaurants that make up the B.O.B.  including Judson's Filet Mignon Peach Au Poivre, Gilly's Smoked Meat Sampler, Bobarino's Wood-Fired Pizza.  It's definitely a fancier menu than I've been getting in the fast-food drive-thrus, as they don't offer Seared Faroe Island Salmon, or Chicken Kimchi Chimichangas, both also on the menu I got a peek at.

I've made you hungry, haven't I?  The B.O.B. will be offering their take-out menu (and Disco Drive-Thru) Tuesday through Saturday from 4-9 pm and you can order by calling them or on GrubHub.

OH, also they plan to family meals as well as offering beer and wine too. I didn't get much info on that, but you should definitely ask about it when you call to order.

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