Ahhh, the holidays.  Our family is gearing up.  All of our kids, and their kids, will be home for Thanksgiving.  Everybody pitches in, fixing this and that, setting the table for the big dinner, and more.  We'll be making the famous family stuffing for the turkey, the must have, green bean casserole, apple and pumpkin pie, and other favorites.  It's hectic, but a good time.  I'm usually worn out when it over, but it's a nice feeling.

And, that's what I'm finding out about, that "nice" feeling.  You're together with loved ones, with the smells of those wonderful dishes, and eating all of that "comfort" food that you have every year, and feeling good!  That's because there’s a psychological component to eating the same things every year that benefits the human mind.

Psycholigist Marc David says “When you do something repeatedly over the years, it builds up a kind of power.  It creates its own momentum. To make the same dish year after year, decade after decade, there’s something in that that connects us to the past.”  It brings back warm memories, and nostalgia increases self-esteem by making us remember what really matters to us.

So, there you go.  Wishing you a warm and happy Thanksgiving.  Now, pass the turkey!



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