ArtPrize artist Danielle Hoff is a teacher. Teaching is her passion, but her entry into ArtPrize 10 shows that with her passion comes many struggles.

Hoff's My first four years of teaching can be seen at Muse GR at 727 Leonard St NW during ArtPrize.

In her artist statement, Hoff says that teaching has been "the hardest thing I have ever done, being a source of struggle, hurt, fear, anger, and exhaustion."

Her mixed-media ArtPrize entry shows those struggles which she says can come from unrealistic expectations.

Hoff says, "Teaching is a profession where the expectations are highly unrealistic and there are many opinions on how the job should be done which creates an insurmountable pressure."

On Monday night, Muse was named to the Jurors' Shortlist for Best Venue at ArtPrize 10.

Another highlight at Muse is Willie Baronet's US. Baronet's entry features a wall of signs created by homeless people. It's a project 25 years in the making.

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