If you're looking for yet another way to experience the phenomenon that is Taylor Swift's Eras tour, consider seeing the concert film at a drive-in theater.

There are several drive-ins scattered across Michigan, but only two, as far as we can tell that is showing the Eras Tour film. One in West Michigan and one on the east side of the state.

Where to See Taylor Swift Concert Film at Drive-in Theaters in Michigan

The 5 Mile Drive-In is north of Dowagiac near the community of Sister Lakes. They have reopened of the season specifically to show the Eras concert film.

While October may be getting just a little bit too cold in Michigan to enjoy a drive-in movie, the 5 Mile saw the value to make it happen.

Many other drive-ins across the state, like the Cherry Bowl in Traverse City and the US 23 in Flint, have closed for the season.

Others that remain open like the Getty in Muskegon are showing horror movie marathons.

Detroit Area Drive-in Theatre Showing Taylor Swift Concert Film

Another Drive-in that is showing a horror movie marathon is the Ford Drive-in in suburban Detroit. They, however, are also sneaking a showing of the Taylor Swift Eras film into the fall weekends.

Other drive-ins in more temperate autumn climates have been showing the Eras concert film. Here's coverage from a theatre in Arkansas.

A night at the drive-in are great family or date nights. Drive-ins aren't everywhere like they used to be so enjoying a movie as one is a special occasion. Similar to an outing for mini golf. Check out these best mini-golfs across America.

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