Beneficent Buble
Clark Retirement Community residents, particularly those who starred in an well-recognized lipdub, are feeling good as Canadian singer Michael Bublé has gifted the Grand Rapids senior living community with complimentary tickets to his July 25 concert at Van Andel Arena.
Laughing Baby/Scared Baby When Mom Blows Her Nose
This video has already gone viral!  This so funny to see.  The mom says she put it up to share with family and friends and well, the rest is history.  The parents were on ABC this morning and have a commercial running with their youtube video...
Our Favorite Flash Mobs
Earlier this week, during a Kansas Jayhawks' basketball game, a section of the crowd surprised the rest of the crowd by simultaneously breaking out in a choreographed song and dance routine. They call this a flash mob, and its goal is to both confuse and entertain. Keep reading for some of our…