tv commercials

Nike TV Ad Hits the Mark [Video]
This is really a great ad as Nike gathered up the biggest names in sports for it's new TV spot. It seems to be so good that it has nearly two-million views since Saturday.
The Very Brady Snickers Super Bowl Commercial is Revealed [Video]
Earlier this week I posted the teaser video of the new Snickers Super Bowl commercial with the Brady Bunch. But, it was only a teaser, as Snickers wanted fans to vote on-line to see the rest of it. Well, you did it. The vote was overwhelmingly for "let's see it!" So, heeeeeeeerrr it is.
David Hasselhoff has a new Commercial (video)
I'm sure you've been wondering.....what's become of David Hasselhoff?  Any more drunkin-rampageing going on? Nope.  He's working hard, and now has a new commercial that's gone viral. This time no booze or cheeseburgers are involved. Instead, the former ‘Baywatch’ star is shilling iced coffee — and in this case, the humor is deliberate.
Macy’s New Commercial has Big Name Stars (video)
Here is my "video-of-the-day." I caught this on TV the other day and thought I had to share it in case you miss it. It's the new Macy's TV commercial.  No, I'm not shilling for Macy's, but it is a lot of fun with all of the "big name" stars in it.
13 Most Talked About Commercials Of 2010
Superbowl commercials have become notorious for being some of the most compelling and entertaining commercials of the year!  Remember Betty White, getting knocked down in the mud all for a Snickers Bar? Here's a look back...