The Top Toys For Christmas 2013
Nothing wrong with waiting to start your Christmas shopping, but getting a head start could help you avoid missing out on some of the hottest toys for Christmas 2013.
Get a first look at some of the hottest toys of 2013!
A Letter From Santa to Your Child
Letters to Santa.  They're mailed out by the thousands, possible millions, by children telling Santa what they want for Christmas.  It's a great tradition for parents to help their children write their letters.
But, what about your child GETTING a letter from Santa?
What Is The Most Annoying Toy Your Kids Have Ever Had?
Parents are used to hearing cries and squeaks and squeals at home.  Kids make lots of sounds.  Over time, parents learn to understand what each of those unique sounds mean.  Those sounds can help a parent.
When those cries and squeaks and squeals come from a toy, that's …
Christmas Shopping? Remember What We Used To Shop For?
Christmas is almost here and you're making last-minute shopping runs to find just the right gift.  For the kids, you're hoping that they're not out of the special toy/electronic gadget they want.  And, this year, electronic seems to be the operative word.  Younger and younger children are asking for…
10 Holiday Gifts Parents HATE When You Give Their Kids
Family Christmas just this past weekend. My uncle was explaining that his adult kids were attending a Christmas party at one of their friend's homes, who has a 2 year old. "I gave her the best present," he boasted. Something he referred to as "big popper" and sounded like every m…
The Doll That Gives Birth?
At 6, all I wanted for Christmas was a "Baby Wanna Walk". I dreamed about her little pink overalls, that curly blonde hair, and of course, her amazing ability to walk! I mean, wow, right? Well, what if your little one, or grand little one, requested this doll for Christmas? Right up there …