Always Wear Sunscreen
We finally had temps in the 80's and I bet your forgot how bad the sun can be on your face. And now you're all sun-burnt.
Don't you remember the advice "Always Wear Sunscreen"
Interesting that Consumer's Reports both came to some of the same recommendations, two y…
Common Tanning Myths Busted
May is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. As warmer weather approaches, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) addresses common misconceptions about tanning.
After This You’ll Wear Sunscreen Every Time You’re Out
Happened to catch this on my Facebook feed earlier and was instantly drawn in.
The video shows several people for "real" and then through an ultraviolet camera.  I'm no expert on UV cameras, other than what I've seen here, but apparently they're able to show agin…
Daylight Savings Time Should Be TWO Hours.
Daylight Savings Time. Love it. In fact, if one hour is good, lets advance the clock two hours. Think about it. More time for baseball, golf, picnics, deck parties, etc. If gas prices prevent us from traveling, lets have more time to do fun stuff around town...