MI Blood

Today is World Blood Donor Day
They are co-workers, family members, classmates and neighbors … everyday people that save lives of strangers. And, today, Friday, June 14th, millions of blood donors are being recognized as part of World Blood Donor Day.
Michigan Blood Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Program is Growing
Most of us are aware of the Robin Roberts story.  Robin, co-host of ABC TV's Good Morning America, found out, several months ago, that she was suffering from a serious illness and would need a bone marrow transplant to save her life.  That is tough news to get.  But Robin attacked it, and she and he…
A Special Blood Drive is TODAY in Cedar Springs
Life takes many roads, some good, some bad.
Three months and a day after a tragic fatal accident tore through the hearts of three North Kent County families, communities are coming together to turn this tragedy into lifesaving gifts.
Blood Donation Rules Have Changed a Bit
The gift of blood is the gift of life.  And Michigan Blood has been the gift of life for so many here in Michigan.
There are so many loyal and committed donors that keep the blood supply able to fill hospital needs, but there could always be more.