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Last Chance to Have Taxes Prepared for Free
Tax Day is getting close, very close, Tuesday, April 18, as a matter of fact. No, it's not the 15th this year since that falls on a Saturday, so, yes, you have three extra days.
Are you waiting till the last minute, as thousand of others do? Why not take the worry out of filing and get some help…
Grand Rapids, Need Some Free Tax Help?
A few weeks ago I told you about some tax help that was being offered by Davenport University. Now the Kent County Tax Credit Coalition is also stepping in to provide help to tax payers too. This after noon KCTC is hosting a community day...
Who In Grand Rapids Has To Pay Income Tax
Just a few more notes as you finish your income tax by midnight tonite.
The super rich are paying a far lower tax rate than they did 20 years ago, and nearly half of all US households—including both rich and poor—pay no taxes at all...
Taxes Down To The Wire
It's kind of like when you're running late to go somewhere, but after you lock up the house, you feel an urgent need to unlock the door and go back inside to make sure you haven't left the lights on or the stove on or the refrigerator door open or something...
Still Working On Taxes? Check Out This
No one likes paying taxes, and many of us wait until the last minute to do so.   We get an extra couple days to finish.  Taxes are due Monday.   We have a tax guy do ours for us.  I just drop off the forms, say a few swear words and sign away...
FREE Income Tax Help
On the "Andy & Chuck Morning Show" today we talked to Brenda Brame from the Kent County Tax Credit Coalition.
Did you know there is FREE tax prepreation help available here in Kent County?
And A Merry Christmas To You, Mr. Potter
IRS decided to come out today and "warn" us that our tax refunds will be, how can I say this, delayed.   And a Merry Christmas To You Too!  Here's why... because they always do have a reason don't they.