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To Paczki Or Not To Paczki? That Is The Question.
I have an emotional attachment to Paczki, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to eat one today.  Don't get me wrong,  "the Polish donuts" are tasty, but they pack the equivalent of an entire day's calories.  Back in the day my grandmother, or "Bushie" or we called her , made them from scratch, but they were filled with prunes instead of  the various fruit fillings.  I l
Gene Parker’s Photo Of The Week
Kim Carson loves flowers..especially Gerber Daisys . Kim and Rosie from our sister station, WNWZ, and I were on facebook last night all whining about Valentines Day. It was like junior high all over again. Looks like the ladies were successful in their floral pursuit...
Chicken Lasagna Recipe Not Really My Recipe
I have a confession to make. This Chicken Lasagna recipe is not mine. It was submitted in 1995 by Therese Oom to the Comstock Park Band Parents, who were putting together a cookbook as a fundraiser. My sister, Kathie, was the president of the group so I bought a copy. I loved Therese's recipe for Chicken Lasagna and have been making it ever since. I've never met Therese, but I'd like to than
Who Says The Snow Is All Bad
There are two things you can do in the Midwest during winter; and since it's cold everywhere else, moving is no longer a good option.  The second choice is much more fun.  Get outside and get moving. Lamoreaux Park on Coit Avenue in Grand Rapids is a beautiful spot to go Cross-Country Skiing. It's relatively flat and takes you right near the Grand River.
Gene’s Best Burrito’s — Recipe #2
photo by Gene Parker My wife is a great cook. She's had lots of practice over the years. I, on the other hand, am good a just a few dishes. The easier, the better! One of my favorite things to make is something called Gene's Best Burritos. I have messed with this recipe many times. It's best when done simply.
Ice Chess Battle At Rosa Parks Circle
A thinking persons game on Ice? Rosa Parks Circle hosted the Ice Chess Battle Tuesday afternoon. The Ice pieces were made by Randy Finch and Ice Sculptures, LTD of Grand Rapids. The Food Network was on hand to film the icy battle. It will be used on their new show, Ice Brigade, which will air in the spring...
Helen Devos Children’s Hospital Open Tuesday
Helen Devos Children's Hospital will offically opens its doors Tuesday.  After years in the planning stages, it is a big day for health care in West Michigan.  Hospital workers will move patients Tuesday from the old hospital to the new hospital.  It took hospital officials one year to work out the logistics of the move.
Second Semester begins
Christmas break is over and college students all across Michigan are returning to the classroom.  The house is quiet now until May. Study hard children.  Make your parents proud.

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