Grand Rapids Man Featured On Ellen Show [Video]
I'm sure it's not what he wanted to be famous for, but Aj Brooks, a mail carrier from Wyoming, had his 15 minutes of fame last week on an episode of "Ellen". What segment was about him, you may ask? Well, oddly enough, it was one that Ellen likes to call "Glamour Galore". Confused yet? Check out the video after the jump!
Sophia Grace & Rosie To Be Ellen’s Grammy Correspondents [Video]
I have to admit it, I'm a huge fan of Sophia Grace and Rosie, the two little British girls who caught the attention of Ellen with their adorable video of them singing along to Nikki Minaj's "Superbass". The girls have had a whirlwind of excitement since first being noticed by Ellen, including singing "Superbass" on her show along with Nikki Minaj, meeting Rihanna, and being Ell