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‘Conan’ Is Becoming a Half-Hour Show in 2019
Big changes are coming to TBS’ Conan. One year after rumors the series would shrink to a weekly format, TBS and Conan O’Brien now confirm the series will instead air four nights a week as a half-hour series, while expanding Team Coco’s focus on digital and live content.
TBS ‘Conan’ Not Moving to Weekly Format [UPDATE]
There’s been enough turnover in late-night over the last year that Conan O’Brien’s Conan has often turned to high-concept hours and trips to steer attention, having kept steady on TBS for several years. Now, a shakeup may see Conan shifted to a weekly format, akin to Full Fronta…
Conan O’Brien Learns Of Robin Williams Death During Show
The news of Robin Williams passing stunned everyone I know. We were out with a handful of co-workers doing an informal job interview with someone we may hire here at our radio stations; when one co-worker told us what happened, there was a collective gasp at the table...

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